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Who We Are...

Vellum Head Company is the one of the leading company in Asia highly experienced and well established in Manufacturers and Exporters of Musical Instruments & Accessories since 1968, We celebrated our 50th Anniversary TWO year before and now proceeding toward GOLDEN JUBLEE.

We are regular participants of most of international musical fairs in different places in all over the world and the quality of our products is always appreciated with enthusiasm by audience.

In view of our products popularity we are in search of such buyers having good influence in their territories to secure a good volume of Orders for our sales promotion.

Some Words

It is the story of almost Two decade ago when I decided to establish our family experience of half century of Surgical Instruments into different field of business manufacturing Beauty Instruments, and I remember this great idea and vision, was a great hit not only into only local market, but soon after establishment, we found lot of clients from different countries and this business start spreading in the world within very short time. And day-by-day & years-by-year our Customers Portfolio became heavy to heaviest.

Nowadays, I feel proud overwhelmed at how far we have come just a decade after. Today RaBro Industries is not only a leading company in the field it is one of the most reputed names in the global market.

Our team contains experts for each and every field of manufacturing, Quality Check, Packing, Shipping and clients are also not limited to any specific part /or cultu


Featured Products
White Goat Skin
Willow Wood Hoops
Natural Goat Skin
Ash Wood Drum Hoop
Red oak Wood Hoops





Fee free to get your quotation of your required Design, Labling, Quantity and placing...
After final approval our trained team start production, Highly experts Supervisors keep eyes on every step while production. Final-Checking Team cross-check each product's Stitching, binding & Labels and weight.
After gathering requirements, a visual mock up is sent for finial approval to ensure both parties are on same page.
Packing team is start packing the shipment and placing Labels on each & every cartoon to ensure shipment goes to its right destination. Each shipment's tracking reference / number shared with client for more convenient..


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